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Originally Posted by elan View Post
I hadn't been able to ride for about two weeks due to a hand injury, but I was finally to the point where I could take it out last night. I was pretty low on gas so was just going to hit the gas station and back home. Go to start bike and it would just crank and crank. I cycled the ignition a few times to prime pump, reset stepper motor to no avail. Was finally able to get it to start after cracking the throttle a bit. It idled fine from then on and subsequent attempts to start went fine. Annoying though... Any ideas? Two weeks really isn't *that* long to not start a bike (although it felt like forever to me!).
If the tank was low and it sat for two weeks you could have had a little water in the gas that separated while sitting. They say its better to park a bike with a full tank because of this, on any motorcycle. Depending on the outside elements you can also get condensation as well with a low tank.
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