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Originally Posted by DRONE View Post
OK, all this is kinda confusing for a dimwit like me. But . . .
I'm thinking that maybe I should simply park the loaded rig on a flat piece of asphalt and get a buddy to take some pics from the side with me and Kirby on board. If it "looks" OK, then it's OK. If it "looks" too tall up front then it is, and if it "looks" too short, then it's too short.

I wonder how everybody else does this? Like when a builder is making custom leading-link forks for an outfit, how do they figure out how tall to make them?

After all this blather, I do have a question for DaveBig. I know that you've got the Dedone-style lower fork mount (so it doesn't change your ride height) and you have the OEM front shock with a 13-56 spring. With the Nankang 135/80-15 on the Stroker wheel, what is the height of your front axle from your garage floor? Is it, in fact, 11 3/4"?

BTW, here's another tire size calculator--
Drone you old tracker of all interesting threads on Adv Hacks your a numbers cruncher ! I've been trying to figure out what your good at ! We've found it data and finding it LOL.
But can we remember that sidecar setup and design may not be a hard science and everyone has an opinion we the consumers need to find our way.
I've experimented quite a bit some by accident (setting tow in) the trick is to go slow and be prepared to change,take of test rides.People designing things probably start out with normal ride height and remember the wheel goes up and down.DB
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