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Here she is!

After battling 25mph headwinds both ways for over 1000 miles, its finally home

Below is probably the single biggest thing that led me to wanting a W. The engine is really aesthetically pleasing.

Damage from the drop below. If I had to guess, it rolled off the side stand. The scratches are really light. I might try to sand and buff them out...then re-clearcoat

Small tank ding, above and about an inch left of the "K" in the cream colored section. I may talk to a PDR guy and see if it can be popped out.

A few other things...

Seat cover shows quite a bit of wear. Even though I don't like corbin as a company, I may go for the gunfighter. I like the look!

Overall, I am quite happy. I stated earlier that there was no service history available. Not so good with nearly 40K miles. I bought this from a father and son mechanic shop. They are mostly car repair, but dabble in bikes. Had quite a few nice old enduros (60's and 70's), a Guzzi Breva, and a Harley sporty or something. I was worried that it might have been an abused bike that they just bought cheap and polished up on the outside for sale. After looking it over, I think it probably had decent service.

Here is a list of observations...

The thing starts easily and runs nicely. Very little mechanical noise. Beautiful exhaust note. I test road if for about 10 minutes and it was smooth, stopped and shifted well.

Has the factory tool kit, with surprisingly high quality tools!

No rust on the frame that I can find. Looks like it has been inside and rarely ridden in the rain.

Rear fender is broken, but included a new/used one. Unfortunately an old style. Maybe a factory recall take off? I can brace and install, or bob the current one for a slight cafe look.

Looks like it has new front brake pads.

Wheels in good shape, a few loose spokes in the rear, but spoke nipples are free and smooth. Wheels straight an true.

A newish EK SRX x-ring chain with factory front sprocket (has the little rubber damper). Using a factory front sprocket hints at a dealer service to me. Front sprocket teeth indicate around 8-10K usage in my estimation. I would guess it is the second or third chain/sprockets.

Front forks have been serviced and preload modified with PVC. Oil was nice and clean. Progressive wound springs, dunno if stock or not. I ran a claw down to the top of the damper tube, hoping to get lucky and find emulators...but no such luck.

Tank has no signs of rust inside.

Wheel bearings and head bearings are tight and smooth.

Oil is newer and clean, though the FRAM filter kinda sucks.

Tires have a bunch of tread, but they have DOT stamps from '08. Still, they seem nice and soft yet. I will just take it easy on them.

Both sides of the exhaust have dings. Left from the tipover and the right seems to have been bumped in to a curb under the front of the head pipe. I will probably just leave it for now, and keep an eye out for that perfect deal on a full system, or inquire at some custom shops locally and see what they could do.

It was just what I wanted. Picked it up for $3K. It has signs of use and isn't perfect, but that just means I can ride the crap out of it and do some tasteful mods without feeling that I have ruined a showroom bike.

Now on to the maintenance and mods!. I'll probably do a valve check, bearing grease, and fastener tightening before riding it this spring. Oh, and the air filter elements look pretty worn, time for replacements.
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