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Originally Posted by Barnone View Post
Looks like you got a good one there and judging from your examination she is in good hands.
Thanks Barnone!

On to the Mods list. I would appreciate any input you guys have here.

Low Bar Conversion
I already know the bars will be way to high. I don't intend to put a windshield on this bike. So these high bars have to go, way to much air hitting me, I need a slight forward lean.

So, I already know there is a super expensive low bar kit from Z-power. Instead I think I will piece something together as some others have done.

Handlebars: This looks like the easy thing. Probably some 7/8" superbike or euro bend bars and shims. The Hyde M bars look interesting, anyone have photos on a W? Are they comfortable?

Mirrors: Looks like BellaCorse still carries Napoleons? I thought they were discontinued? Other suggestions?

Brake Line: I would like to replace the 12 year old rubber line anyway. I want a stainless replacement. Looking for US sources, I found these for the low bar. Does anyone have any experience with either?



Clutch Cable/throttle cables:
Anyone know where to get the low ones here? Else, I guess I will have to order from overseas if I cant get these to look right.

Brake Lever: I have short fingers (No jokes about that). The brake lever is a long reach. Anyone know any reasonable adjustable levers? I would bet there is another kawasaki model that has a compatible one. Might just take this one into my local dealer and see what looks similar.

Carb/intake Overhaul

I want this thing to run as good as it can. Arbitrary EPA rules causing lean spots and fat top ends be damned. I think I will pick up a Factory Pro Kit. I like the fact that it is made up of OEM Kehin parts. Does anyone have a list of jets that come in the kit?

Also, with 40K miles, I am wondering if the carbs need some wear parts replaced. Are these carbs hard on emulsion tubes (or whatever the thing the needle rides in). Any other parts prone to wear besides the seats?

Air Filters: Anyone know of any replacements? Is there just the two slide in ones? These are looking original and ratty. I'll just get OEM's if no aftermarket ones exist.

Airbox Mods: I don't want to do anything to drastic, but if there are some easy things to do that wont increase intake noise too much or let in water/dust, I'd be interested I'm thinking some of these little guys.

Round Filters
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