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Originally Posted by Chef Gareth View Post
I am on my second one now, just traded up to the new model. They are great bikes for touring and can handle more off road than you would expect in the right hands. For the money you cant go past the wee. I have always owned 1200's and even though it would be nice to have some more power somtimes, I have never felt it to be under powered.

That is good to know. The power factor I was having trouble with, but I realize this is no sport bike and I racked up enough tickets on my last one to make 6 months of payments. The temptation to give a one wheel salute was too much. My riding style has changed and I am also a little older now. It is funny how purchasing a bike feels a bit like meeting a new girl. Your a little nervous about her until you take her for a few rides, then the pressures off and you relax and just enjoy the company.
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