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At the core of the rant is an interesting thought. What is it that makes a bike right for someone? Rational thought is a process that occurs after a decision is made. Just an attempt to make sense of something that makes a different kind of sense. Perhaps it isn't speed, handling, comfort, ease of maintenance, crisp response or attention getting ability that makes a motorcycle right for someone. I wonder if sound and rhythm, percussion, the right vibration, or just the quality of the machine are as important. I have never owned a BMW, although I have wanted one since I was a teenager. I can tell without riding a HD that the long legged, low slung, slow turning engine would have a strong physical appeal. Some bikes just have it, and when I get to this point I can only refer to Robert Pirsig. Quality. Awesomeness.Different aspects and different riders.
To me rational thought has nothing to do with motorcycling. It is a purely emotional thing. And for me it needs to be a very visceral, primitive experience. Smooth and quiet are not what I think motorcycles should be (yes my Goldwing is smooth and quiet, and drop dead boring. But I use it as part of another activity I like. Traveling. An Electra Glide would make travel way more fun, but you cannot get one, especially in really nice condition, for $5500. If I could buy new, I would absolutely take the Harley over the Goldwing. Fortunately I have a couple of other bikes that satisfy what I need and want a motorcycle for. And they are the ones I'm always playing and tinkering with. The GW is just one huge piece of plastic with a really comfortable seat. I do not plan to keep it forever, but it beats traveling in a car.
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