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Originally Posted by bodhisattva65 View Post
Put it this way they continue to make it right, and to be honest i told them not to fire the kid who made the mistake, (however they did anyhow), let it be a learning experience to the kid. the kid was sincerly sorry.

1-yes I was pissed of course i was.
2-I saved me and the bike, with luck and experience.
3-They continue to make it right.
4-I could have sued them and I think they know that.
5-So I do have some leverage.
What about the kid's boss. I thought when a job was done, then it was checked one last time by the sr. tech, especially if it's something that could cause catastrophic damage to the bike or rider if just ridden out without being checked. At the shop where I do my business the sr. tech (supposedly) double checks that the job was done properly before the bike is released back to the customer, and signs off on it.

This happened to me when I got the oil changed on my car at a local lube shop. The shop is located at the top of an incline. As I was sitting in my car, after getting the oil changed, at the stop sign waiting to enter traffic, I saw a stream of fresh oil flow out into the street from under my car. I shut it down right there, and the shop towed the car back into the bay. Apparently the oil change kid just loosely started the new filter on the threads, and left it that way.

I change my own oil on the bike, but take it to a different shop for the oil change in my car, but it could, and probably does happen every now and then at any lube shop.

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