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Originally Posted by Lonestar2112 View Post
OK, I am not too proud to ask. do you have a drawing for this? Functional and yet Uber small!
No drawings, but I started with a cardboard mock-up. Make it a size that will work for you, considering how you'll mount it. Put packing tape where the hinges will go. This way you can change the dimensions/design without wasting the expensive materials.

Mine is 6 panels of .063" thick aluminum with 5 hinges, all flush-riveted. The two panels that make up the bottom surface have a 90 degree bend along the leading edge for rigidity. I guess if you don't have the facilities to do the work you could take the mock-up to a sheet metal shop and have 'em cut and brake the pieces.

I originally planned to weld the hinges to the panels, but I'm a bit out of practice on TIG'n the thin aluminum, and the rivets are easy enough to do. Just make sure they're flush on both sides so you can fold it up flat! Another benefit to the rivets is I can drill them out and change a panel if I want to change the size, without having to re-fabricate the entire thing.

Happy to help, let me know if you have any other questions!

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