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Originally Posted by dryden_rider_54 View Post
20 - 7
3:59 left in 3rd. Atlanta threatening

2:11 left in third

Seattle starting to gain momentum in the 4th

27-21 34 seconds left Seattle on the 2 yard line 1st and goal

27-27 seattle fumble and recovery crossing goal line. td under review

28-27 Seattle 31 seconds left

28-27 19 seconds atlanta on the move.

Atlanta in field goal range 13 seconds left

30-28 Atlanta 8 seconds left

Atlanta squib kick. Seattle has ball near center

Hail Mary Atlanta interception no time left

Atlanta wins great game and an incredible 4th q
I appreciate the updates. Here is what I was doing meanwhile

So there's this Maritimer in Peru, and he walks down to the bar to see the game, Bar's closed! then he walks back to his room to put it on the TV....Australian Open Tennis, then he figures, he can at least listen to the game online....takes 20 minutes to find a radio station that doesn't have South America blocked out..... gets to hear the last few minutes of a disastrous first half, calls his own home at half time and can barely make out anything anyone says there are so many people there watching the game. Internet goes dead. No Call home, no game. Frustrated he tries to diagnose computer problem because he's getting the exact same messages the computer has given for the last two weeks...DNS SERVER NOT RESPONDING....tries dozens of unsuccessful attempts to reset DNS Server, then tries to find out if maybe the Hostal's WiFi is suspect. Tough to do when you don't speak the language but is given assurances it's OK. Walks a mile back past the closed bar to the internet cafe in 95 degree heat to find out the F***ing internet is down all over town. walks a mile back home with no game, no call home and nothing to do. 6 hours later.....finally connects to his own home, finally, his buddy answers, a buddy who has been watching the figgen game, and a second game, in this poor Maritimer's house, along with a large group of football fans, only to have his buddy say he has to go and take another call....WTF? Can't hear anything because someone is yelling in a cell phone on a local call..

Too bad about the Seahawks, but I would have liked to have seen it or at least heard it.
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