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Better Route

Originally Posted by 1Man2Wheels View Post
I was fretting about navigating into central Lima too, but a Peruvian rider recommended the route below: e&msa=0&ll=-12.080953,-77.081451&spn=0.722463,1.352692

(I couldn't get the Google maps route marker to cooperate so its a rough approximation)

I didn't have GPS maps for Peru, so I'm going off memory here. Basically you leave the Panam a few kms after Ancon and make your way to the international airport (signposted), then on to the Lima cost road (the "Costenera") The first section of this route has some traffic, but nothing too crazy. Once you get on the Costanera its cake to get to the center of town - the Costanera is a promenade type road at the base of a cliff so very little traffic.

I'd recommend a very early start form Huanchaco as its a full day to Lima from there. In fact I stayed the night in Ancon to avoid having to deal with Lima evening rush hour. I went in the next morning.

Anyway, just another option for you to consider to get into Lima.

Been enjoying your report from the start. Keep up the great reporting. I did the same trip last year and wish I was back there again!
I really appreciate that. Very timely information. I was just looking at how to get into Lima. My plan today is to ride down to the Primavera area and then stop at the beaches around there, maybe Playa del Colorado. Then make an attempt on Lima after the morning rush hour is done.

I will very likely take the route you suggested. Thanks!

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