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My Tigger Roadie at 3500k miles has developed a clunk in the front end somewhere. After diagnosing it, I determined the steering head bearings were loose. I read around on several boards and found that apparently there is a TSB from Triumph regarding this issue. No one seems to have any real specifics, except they replace the double locking nut arrangement with a single castle nut and new washer. I decided for now to not take it in, since I don't trust my local dealer all that much and wanted to keep riding while the late season weather held, so I tightened the bearings myself. However, this may account for some of the complaints about the front end.
I posted this a little over a month ago and now my steering head bearings are loose again. A little over a 1k miles all road, so I guess this time I'll take it to the dealer and see what they have to say. I'll post again with the results, since the information about this mystical TSB has never been clarified.
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