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Originally Posted by randyo View Post
the exact reason I started long distance riding, it lets you explore twisties 1000 miles from home on a 3 day weekend (I used a 4 day weekend and a BBG to explore the Ozarks from NH)

my first SS1000 started in NH and ended in Columbia, SC, from there I headed out to northern Georgia to explore

I did mine in June when days are longest, started @ 1am, all my night riding was in begining of ride when I was fresh and on roads close to home that I was familiar with, I rolled into Columbia just as it was getting dark @ 8pm

I did a lot of planning, but it wasn't really necessary for the SS1000, you can make extra stops.

BBG is a different story, 1500 miles in 24, you can't lallygag at fuel stops and you have to consistently make pace
What he said. Go when you have the most light to work with. 1000 miles isn't really that tough. I did mine last year, but now I have to say I've go no interest in doing it again. It was a goal.
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