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I changed my Hi-bars for a low 7/8" set - no cable changes - just a bit of messing to get them in the right place.

As for carb changes..... My set up is really sweet now...... the standard set-up is rather lean I've removed the air emission crap

I fitted a Sygma 6 kit from eBay. Running with STANDARD pipes & airbox & filter.
Main jets up to 122.5 and pilots up just one size (both carbs the same).
I did have a couple of shims fitted under the needles, but took them out again as the 1/4 - 1/2 throttle was a bit rich.
No other mods apart from setting pilot screw 3 turns out (only a rough guide as bike to bike & altitude will effect this).

Nice buy though - hope you enjoy
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