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... Looks like I'm out of a job! A genuine case of the Inmates taking over the asylum.

So, right after team ftb pays me a very gratefully received and genuinely appreciated complement for just trying to live up to the quality of the brand I represent, what do I do?... Go AWOL for a few days, that's what.... So, apologies for that. I did check in just before the weekend and noted your questions, but wasn't able to find enough time to post in detail (been a fair bit going on of late), which made me feel anxious until I could get some computer time today!

However, it appears that pinevalley, Dropatrotter and traveltoad did an exceptional job during my absence. Hats off to you chaps - I can't tell you how much it means to have such devoted, knowledgeable and genuinely helpful folks trusting Kriega to get the job done. Thank you. I think more than a few beers are owed!

As far as I can see, the only enquiries left open are:

1. Dropatrotter's seat scrunching: A little compression is kinda unavoidable with thicker, softer saddles, but can be minimized with a bit of 'tugging 'n' tucking' and strap tensioning experiments. Chances are you could well find you won't need the top strap quite that tight. But do let me know if you can't get it how you want it and I'll see if I can suggest anything more specific.

2. Mounting other bags on the fender, with the Overlander 30 in place: The system was actually designed to offer precisely this functionality. pinevalley's standard installation (i.e. bolted on to the fender lengthwise) of the US-5 does the trick, if you only need those 5 liters on there. But there is the option to use the same two Rack Loops which secure the Overlander back straps, in combination with the other two supplied Rack Loops (which you can see fitted to the side panel of pinevalley's Husaberg) to do this:

Or this:

Or this:

Or mount bags inline with the bike (see photo below). Or pretty much attach anything (tents, sleeping bags, duffel bags etc) using a set of 1" straps....

3. team ftb's cam buckle quandary: Thus far in R&D, product testing on extended and extremely technical rides, as well as in the experience of customers, this hasn't been an issue. However, I completely understand your concerns. But at this stage - taking into account all the incredible input from traveltoad, pinevalley and Dropatrotter - all I can really suggest is that you give it a go.

It is possible, that you may have to modify your riding style (for the very small percentage of riding time the rear area of the seat is likely to be used) slightly to accommodate luggage on a bike that is not really designed to carry it. This may prove to be a deal-breaker for some riders and a complete non-issue for others - I guess the only way to find out is to try. Regardless, I will pass on your Velcro feedback and see whether Dom (who designed the Overlander) gives me a valid reason (which he usually does!) why this was not an option.

That said, I'm pretty confident you can get a set-up that works for you with the Overlander 30. I have a lot of faith in Dom's ability to get the best possible solution and am a massive fan of Kriega kit (it's always been my kit of choice, way before I started representing the brand). So I'm never going to do a hard sell and try to convince someone to use a system that might not be quite what they want. Each to their own, 'horses for courses' and all that!

But the bottom line is that the Overlander 30 is Kriega's best shot so far at making the bike handle as well as possible while loaded up. The center of gravity is kept low and the vast majority is forward of - or in line with - the rear axle for obvious reasons. The rest is down to the rider.

Riding with luggage always requires a bit more effort than riding without it, but I think Kriega have done a pretty darn good job of minimizing this additional effort. So, let me know if you would like to give it a fair crack of the whip on a few dry test runs. If you really can't get on with it, a full refund is no problem... as long as it's clean.

Incidentally, last night, another satisfied customer was kind enough to send me this snap of his machine fully loaded with 60 liters of gear (heavier stuff in the Overlanders, lighter gear in the US packs). It might not be everyone's ideal set-up, but he says it works like a dream for disappearing off base camping in the Rockies.

Just thought I'd share because it's not easy to fit that much stuff on an Enduro without racks. And look cool at the same time!

I hope I haven't missed any of the 'query crumbs' dropped from traveltoad, Dropatrotter and pinevalley's tables! Just give me a shout if I have and I'll get right back to you. And as always, if you'd rather thrash it out over the phone you can get me on 504.872.9367 most the time.

Ahhhh.. it's good to be back!


'Ave it.

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