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I do not agree, that they´re ´Deathwings´, as some call them, for me that´s just people trying to explain that the tyres caused something, that was ultimately a rider error. So they are not dangerous tyres. But the Trailwings are just old in every way – not very grippy, and a little bit vague feedback more or less everywhere. On the other hand, you would expect this kind of rubber to last, but their mileage is mediocre at best. In fact there are a lot of options these days, that have a much better feeling, especially on wet tarmac, and those still outlast the OEM tyres by a considerable margin. That´s a poor performance in my book. But yeah, they´re black, and round shape, and you can legally ride the bike with them, maybe that´s good enough, but personally after 3 sets of them on new bikes, I´ll go for something else every time.[/QUOTE]

Good post. I have crashed on tarmac riding a chicane with racing slicks because I didn't allow enough time to heat the tires up (rider error). I think riding the bike with stock tires for a few months, getting a feeling for how the bike responds to your inputs, is a place to start. This way when you re-shoe you will have a better appreciation for what has changed. You may find new set limits in riding capability, but be careful, exceeding those limits can be costly.
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