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Touring seat - ADV

Touring seat for the adv.

- well, because the original seat is just plain rubbish. After riding with V-strom for a season, I know what comfort might be - and the seat of a 950 adv does not have anything in common with that. It takes less than an hour to loose all the feeling in my butt and start hurting after 2 - longest I could sit on it, was about 3h straight and then I needed 2 off to recope.

Ok - so I searched all the searches I could do in my country and found no good answer to my need. No workshop was willing to take the original seat apart and make me a custom cushion with new padding and shape and cover.
The "magical world of ebay" had 2-3 different offerings and as tempting as they were - I have no way of knowing, if the touratech seat or the 2011 model gel seat would be ok for my butt. Open up the world wide web and do a search. There are so many seat-worksop-manufacturers that are mainly based on 1 or 2 very experienced pros. And then there are plenty of pages explaining the "what and the how" of motorcycle seats. I still have time till summer (all good 3-4 months) and for that reason - I chose the way of the DIY.
Here is how it went.

1) Internet provided me with knowlege, that a man should strip down, wet hes backside and sit on a piece of paper to get the perfect "ass" on paper.

I used 1 big sheet of white drawing paper from my technical drawing times of university and just sat my arse down on it.
Took a pen in my hand and draw the outline of my arse on the paper, as equal and firm as I could.


The front will need clearing - the size of the frontal area of the "seatarsedrawing" is taken from the Vstrom seat size - that is about 5 inches wide in the front. The rear just has my buttocks and made equal by any means (used ruler and big plates and pen).

I then stripped the old seatcover off the frame.

The glue You see, is not from the seat cover but the underlining ultrasoft foam. I took that off too, to have more clear view of what I was working with.

So- just put the template on the seat and take measurements if it is possible to carry that to the seat.
Just for testing, I took an old car seat foam and cut out the template.

Besides being too high and too soft and not supportive - it kinda felt comfy and more ridable than the original already.
So I modified it - I donīt know if all of the adv seats have the gel part in them but mine did and I can tell, that it was no help at all. It makes the seat loose cradle effect and pushes too hard on the tailbone and does not offer enough support on the right spots. But it is easy to cut and I made some foam/gel seat improvements.
Here is what it looked like.

Nastyyyy - You say - and I know, at first glance to me too - but boy it was comfy. Just too damn tall and soft on the sides.
So I took the seat with me and went to the garage to check it all on the bike - to find the proper seat position and size.
And I was wayy off line. It was maybe 3-4 inches too short from the rear and the tilt towards the front is way too much for me.
So another drawing was made - this time with a soft pen on the seat while I was sitting on it.
I took a knife and cut out the whole portion of that seat bit now and went back home. I had some proper stiff insulation foam (like yoga mats) and just formed the seat cushion by glueing 4-5 layers of that material together. The sides needed more support (wider at the rear for the bums) so I used the same material just vertically glued together and it made the sidewalls a lot stiffer and the cradle effect was born.
After a few hours of sniffing the glue and cutting little pieces of the material off, to get the proper shape and size - this is what the seat now looked like.

The bigger imperfections can be cut down with sharp knives or maybe a soft saw - and then the perfect form will come from using ultra high rubbing sand paper.
I took a spin with the new seat and felt like home.
This was almost perfect - just sanded down little more the "sitting bones" to create more cradle and left a softer place for my cohones in the front (cuz I had crushed them on the orange beast right there 2-3 times) and voila - now all is needed is the new supersoft cover and the vinyl.
Finding supersoft foam cover over internet - no problem - but the vinyl was nowhere advertized, so I just took my chances and went to the biggest fabricstore I could find and there it was. Did not get the perfect size or the perfect piece of vinyl (my first purchase of that sort - mental note: go with a woman to do that kinda shopping, might get new curtains too while you are at it, but the vinyl will be better.)
As original - the supersoft stuff was glued on with spray glue and here are the pics.

Then the vinyl - In order to get that right - heat it up so, that it is hot to touch but really, really soft.
Then gently stretch and attach from front and back and start stretching and working with the sides. Takes time and effort and pulling and holding and sometimes thinking " i need at least 6 hands to do this s...t" but itīll get there.

An hour later - this is my new adv touring seat.

And here is how it looks on the bike.

from top

Nice, firm comfortable and looks totally fine by me. Maybe not Corben or smthn, but definatelly adv worthy.

A few days later I had a second to do some more, so I attached the GPS/ phone mount on the dash, where the previous owner apparently had it too. (holes were plugged there).
Nice 30 minutes later the view is clear and I hope it is rattle free this time (the mount is smaller and firmer than the one on Vstrom was and hopefully will not disintegrate on russian roads again).

Some more bodywork needs getting done - but there is time for that in the future ....
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