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Since this is the most active Sena headset thread - and happens to be the thread where I got my education - I thought I would post my very preliminary results of my SMH5, SR10 and PrymeBlu stuff.

Everything works as advertised for the most part:
-BT Intercom - 100 yards range out on the frozen lake. SMH5 advertised range is 500 yds I believe.
-Battery life - too cold to find out.
-SMH5/SR10 - Primary use is for 2-way radio interface. Worked great. *
-SMH5/PrymeBlu - So far, so good. Some pairing frustrations- but not surprised. *
-Sound clarity and volume - Snowmobile at 50+ mph across the lake - no problem hearing or understanding on the intercom and SR10 2-way radio transmission. Audio channel open lag - didn't notice any issues with this at all. *

* Here's an unreported difference between the SMH5 and SMH10: The reports are that the introduction of Multipoint Pairing in the SMH10 allows the audio stream from the SR10 to mix with the intercom audio on the headset -eg: A 2-way radio call coming through the SR10 will be heard simultaneously with the audio of a active intercom session. Not so with the SMH5. The Multipoint paired SR10 audio channel has priority and will cut out the intercom. The SR10 then closes the audio channel after the programmable time so intercom sessions can resume. However, The PrymeBlu radio dongle keeps the Multipoint HFP audio channel open so no intercom while using PrymeBlu stuff. I will be calling Sena today to find out if the audio mixing ability will be brought to the SMH5. I haven't paired my phone yet so not sure of the priorities of the nomally paired HFP phone and the multipoint paired HFP device.

EDR (Enhanced Data Rate) - The settings in the software have this disabled by default. It sure sounds like something that shoud be enabled but there must be a reason it's disabled as it comes from the manufacturer. Google tells me that BMW factory equipment works better with this off. Any thoughts on enabling it on non-BMW stuff?
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