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Originally Posted by Outwardbound View Post
Dennis, There is another thread on-going about using an Android tablet for GPS navigation for those of us tired of squinting at font-sizes only a teenager can read. (Link: ). My Garmin CS60 series is almost illegible given it's 2x2 inches. So here's my question.....
Are the maps in EFMB stored internal to the phone (or in this case, tablet) or must they download realtime via WiFi or 3G ??
either way.. you can download on the fly if you have signal.. or Google Maps lets you preload as many maps "chunks" as you wish in advance..
.. each one is limited to about 500 sq miles.
i.e. when I go up the GREAT SMOKEY MOUNTAIN NATIONAL PARK (Bryson City area) I make sure and preload the maps because the hills and valleys often block the signal.. ONE map can cover just about the whole park but I usually "checkerboard" around the main map so with about 5 preloaded maps I cover a good chunk of the entire SouthEast.
Remember, most tablets are are WiFi only.. so when you leave your house if you want to continue using it, you have to use your phone as a WiFi "hot spot"..
..the carriers charge a few bucks extra for that feature but it's worth it.
With that, your tablet will work just about like a phone.

Originally Posted by Outwardbound View Post
How does it work when out of range of a signal ? Sorry if this is mentioned in the thread previously, but I haven't seen it addressed.
well, anything that needs to be "fetched" from the network is not accessible.. but I'm never "out of range" for very long..
.. it comes and goes when you're in the mountains.
I live in Florida and they have that really covered well.. I'm hardly EVER out of range..
.. out in the middle of Nevada it might be a different story..
... but again, for maps you can preload them.. it's only the weather portion of my app that requires a connection to remain continuously "fresh".
Originally Posted by Outwardbound View Post
I'm about THIS CLOSE ( II ) to buying a cheap tablet and experimenting with the concept. Thanx Coop
if you do, get the Nexus 7 inch with 32 gig.. (about $250)..
..I just started work on making my app compatible with tablets.. it already is but is not really optimized for all that additional screen area yet. I'm working on it..
Tablets ARE NOT all made the same.. the OEM adds and takes away as suits their purpose so what works on one may not work on another.. it's called "fragmentation"..
That is why both my phone and table are from GOOGLE NEXUS... that is pure android without anything added or removed..
I can tell people my app will definitely work on a "real" Android device but if you buy some cheapie thing which I call "an Android-LIKE" device ..
..well then it's a roll of the dice on whether or not stuff works..

Please repost this on the other thread if you think it worthwhile to do so..
.. I'll be happy to answer any questions..

I field many similar questions between this site and the cruiser site so I put together a "getting started" FAQ
.. if you are interested and have some time to read, check out:

also find links to screen shots and more FAQ and change logs at:

I love my "big" screen Nexus.. my eyes don't work so good anymore either and that's what got me into making apps that work FOR ME
(and others that no longer have "20 year old eyes").

thanks and let me know if I can help...
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