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Originally Posted by BlueLghtning View Post
Thanks for that feedback. What you are getting with the SMH5 paired to the PrymeBlu is exactly what happens when I pair my ham radio (Yaesu FTM-10SR) to the Sena. It keeps the channel open so you can't do any intercom stuff while you are connected. That was one of the main reasons I ended up getting the SR10. Does the Pryme only have an HFP profile?

That's very interesting about the difference in the Mult-Point pairing behavior on the SMH5 vs the SMH10. You would think they would act the same way, but I guess not? That definitely changes things for how you expected to use the devices.

As for EDR, I've tried it both ways and never could tell much difference. I thought by default on the SMH10 its enabled, but I could be wrong. It does say in there not to use with BMW like the K1600GT setup is one I know works better without that enabled.
As I mentioned earlier, I know for certain that other riders have heard radar alerts via intercom when I'm conversing with them and the SR-10 opens up the channel. But this may have come/gone/come back via firmware changes on the SMH-10.

Re: EDR, I too believe it is on by default on the SMH-10 and I've never experimented with turning it off. It's =possible= that the SMH-5 has less bandwidth to devote to this much signal processing??

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