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Until recently I was a broke college student too, and did several repaints with spray cans. DONT DO IT! I'd put in all this hard work on the prep, only to have it ruined by the quality of the paint from the spray can and the limitations of the pattern that most spray cans put out. What i've ended up doing lately is to do all of the prep work that doesn't require a spray gun myself, then buy automotive quality paint (which you can get from your auto parts store) and go to one of the local body shops. Tell em that you've got some after hours work for them, some bodyshops will usually have a guy who works there who makes some extra $$ by spraying stuff on the weekends or evenings. The parts have been prepped, they're off the bike, you've got the paint, you'll pay cash but you're a college student, etc, etc. I had all the plastic on my BMW primed, painted and clear coated for about $150. Probably $200 when I factor in the cost of the paint.
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