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Originally Posted by RGregor View Post
Yes I did. Not all but many.
Re-reading the posts in the cam thread is very funny now.

Especially regarding the fact, that except PJ no one here has timed his 336. Not you, not the "crowd in the back".
Again a very good example on how some people behave.

Regaring the numerous times you told me ....

I have told you a few posts ago that until then I didn't know it, in fact I have never read the slightest hint in that direction and I would be very surprised if we found these info in any of your posts here.

So, I don't know whom you talk to and how.
But stop it, it's not me.
What are you going on about now? I never said anyone was an idiot. That was you. Stop putting words in my mouth but without putting words in my mouth you have nothing to go on about. It's pretty pathetic.

You would be very surprised to find any of [these] info here in my posts? What you ignore in my posts and what you make up that you read in my posts is never ending. My advise is to concentrate more while you are reading and then refrain from making up rude comments.

Are BMW cam specs valve specs? No one here still knows for sure yet. At least now you know what the lift check point is and that there is a difference between valve timing and cam timing with our engines and why most smart tuners stick with cam timing. Even why most timing specs regarding OHV engines that are labeled as cam specs are in fact cam specs versus valve specs. Valve specs or cam specs, at least BMW gives a lift check point with their specs so you can actually use them. Those reported variations? Are the variations the cam or the rocker arms?

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