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Originally Posted by SAPB View Post
Got behind someone in an SUV, two days ago, who came to a stop at a "T" intersection, no place to go straight, just left or right. No directional on, just stops. No traffic, I wait for half a minute, then pull up to go around. He pulls out just before I can pass, and I stop, so he doesn't hit me.

Me: ADV salute.

Him: Gets out of his car: "Gobbley gook" (no clue what he said).

Me: (After noticing the shape of his head seams abnormal) "What were you, sleeping"?

Him: "In a big fn' hurry on a GD bike", (I cleaned that up).

Me: Shaking my head, no more to say.

I let him go ahead, very short distance to a traffic light, he's in the right lane for right turn only, no directional again. I am behind him, and he's going the same way I want to go. I make a left at the next street, and find a different way to get there.

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