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Originally Posted by DennyMyBoy View Post
I live in the northeast USA, and leaning strongly toward the Tiger 800XC. Or at least I was until I spotted photos of the new Tiger Sport!

There is a brand new one sitting on the floor of a nearby dealer. Been there for much of the past year. Color white which I like but may not be as much in demand. List price is $11,999, plus destination of something like $800.

My question is, how much of a discount do you think the dealer might be open to? I know this is highly subjective and dependent upon a ton of variables. Wondering about going in with cash in hand and offering $2,000 or more off the price . . . since its the dead of winter, its now 2013 and that bike is a 2012, and the new bikes (including the afore mentioned Tiger Sport) keep being introduced.

Thanks for the suggestions.
The 1050 sport is definitely a road-going touring bike. It has been well liked, is a nice alternative to the likes of a Ducati Multistrada, KZ1100, etc. If you have any inclination of using the bike off pavement the XC would be a far better choice. There were rumors of that model being discontinued, but it looks like they've revived it for 2013.

IMO you would be doing good to get the bike for msrp plus tax, no add-on fees. That's about a $500 discount by taking off the shipping costs. If you could get it out the door at msrp even better. I doubt you would see any huge discounts on any of these bikes, but I could be wrong. You could always try to negotiate a deal if that's what you really want.

Nice article on the bike here:

As a side note, there are some real bargains on late model used tiger 1050s. I've seen them well under ten grand.

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