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Originally Posted by ttpete View Post
DO NOT use that socket. It's junk, and you'll bugger up the bolt head when it strips. Go buy a brand new one before you even try.
I was just amused at the quality of the ONLY 10mm 12pt socket and wanted to share - I must have eight 6 pointers!

Originally Posted by D.T. View Post
Not out yet??

Geez, what's the hold up??

Whack the bolt head with a hammer a few times too before you start. Vice grip if head strips. Metric bolts on a HD??
OKAY! OKAY! (didn't you see the "slow & unsteady" description of my progress?)

I'm new with HDs, to me they're kinda like GM cars from the 80's - I'm never quite sure which kind of fastener will turn up.

Went to the maul this AM with a 10mm bolt (wanted to get the tightest fitting socket in stock) and bought this:

I followed everyone's advice - I sprayed Kroil on the back of the bolts and let it soak, I warmed the caliper with my heat gun, I tapped the bolt heads with a hammer, and applied my Ingersol-Rand impact in a counter-clockwise direction and wah-la!

They both shot out like shit from a goose! And there was almost zero corrosion (). No distortion on the bolt heads, so I can use 'em again.

Who's better than you guys?
Thanx to all!
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