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Originally Posted by pyoungbl View Post
Scott...I'm the same guy. Although I really liked that Multi I was happy to switch over to my NTX. Here's the plus/minus from my point of view.

My Multi had Ohlins F&R set up for my weight. That was wonderful suspension and will be hard to equal anywhere. I had the transmission gears micro polished so the shifting was nothing short of amazing. With high compression pistons and boaring out to 1123cc I had 90 hp at the rear wheel. If I took the db killers out of the Arrow exhaust I'd gain another 10 but the noise was more than I liked. The bike did, indeed, feel much lighter than the real weight. The rest of the story: My tank was replaced by Ducati but it was just a matter of time before I would have the swelling problem again and a replacement tank would be $1K. The centerstand liked to drag on left hand turns until I cranked up the suspension link. It was a royal PITA to do any work on the bike because in most cases I had to take the tank off to get to anything. Taking the tank off was a big deal. If I ever dropped the bike I could see big bucks for any repair to the plastic so going off pavement was really not something I'd ever do. The 220 mile range was OK but almost left me walking a couple times. The dry clutch was a $500 expense every 12-15K (basket and plates), belts were $90 every 12K/2 years, checking/adjusting the valves took me a week every winter, and I seemed to be the only person who did not bitch about the stock seat...there really were no options so why complain..the tank design made it really difficult to do much to the seat without adding lots to the seat height.

The NTX really is a heavy bike....but about normal for bikes in the class. NTX is 616 lbs, BMW GS Adventure is 618 when equipped with equal stuff. The weight would only be an issue if you dropped the bike, otherwise I do not notice it because the bike does not feel that heavy. Moto Guzzi did a good job of hiding the actual capacity of the tank, 8.5 gal! The NTX, on the showroom floor, is almost totally farkled out...crash bars, bash plate, comfy seat, aux lights, really good headlight, LED tail light, hand guards, adjustable windscreen, Brembo radial brakes, decent suspension, and pre wired for GPS and heated grips. The grip kit is about $120 and easy to install. The fuel gauge actually works and you can rely on it...not so my Multi. The dash gives just about any information you can ask for except oil temp. Except for clutch replacement, every routine maintenance action is dead simple. I can check the valves in about 20 minutes and without taking anything off the bike except one rubber plug and the valve covers. Clutches seem to last darn near forever. No chain.

So far I have about 6800 miles on the big girl and no complaints. I have added a Russell Day Long seat and will be swapping out the aux lights for some LED ones. In the first month of ownership I rode to Wyoming and back in a week. Loved it. The bike likes to cruise at the same speeds as the Multi. 6th gear is nice but I find myself in 5th lots of the time.

I'd recommend taking a ride on the NTX if you can find one to demo. You may as well keep the Multi because they seem to depreciate pretty fast and you probably won't get what the bike is really worth. Unfortunately, I believe the Multi will be your garage queen if you have both.

Oh, re Darien pants...I have two pair and use them for lots of my long trips when I want more flexibility of what to wear. Mine do not leak. They are not stylish but, as you know, I'm not one for high fashion.

Hope some of this helps...good to hear from you again!

Thank you for taking the time to respond. I do like the simple valve check, etc, on the Guzzi. I struggle with some of the "upgrades" on a lot of today's bikes. Simple air-oil cooling with 80-100 hp is enough for me. I just need to get on one and take it for a spin. When the weather gets better, I think I will head to Moto International, in Seattle and try to get a demo. They are giving away 09's, just not sure I could get it to NTX status for a couple thousand $. Exhaust, remapping, etc. I actually read this whole thread, lots of info, took a few days though.
Luckily I have not had the dreaded tank swelling issue. My MTS has been virtually bullet proof. Love it, just looking over the fence.

Thanks, Scott.

Originally Posted by oalvarez View Post
comparing the old gen multi to the current Stelvio is a bit of a stretch, no?

the new gen Multi and current Stelvio are far enough different than one another as it is!
In my mind no. Both are air-oil cooled twins that tour well. Weight is my biggest fear, as I "LOVE" light weight. Peter was kind enough to give me a 1st hand comparison, as he had a 1st gen MTS, as I do, and I may be considering a Stelvio.

Originally Posted by pyoungbl View Post
The original post asked for a comparison of the old gen Multi and the current gen Stelvio. That's what was provided. Granted the new gen Multi is a big step up. That is not what was requested.

Peter Y.
Thank you, sir!!!
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