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Originally Posted by Ladder106 View Post
Ahh another one. This year sure looks difficult.

The first 3 stages woulds squached me flatter than hammered dog poop.

Was thinking it would almost be too bad to go and actually race this thing (not that I could at my age anymore). Between saving your life and glancing at the roadbook, I'd never have time to appreciate things like 1000 meter dunes running right down to the beach.

It would be a great place to take a tour and ride some of those routes.

As long as there was someone there to feed me and a place to lay down after picking the bike up 25 times in the sand.

Dunno how they do it.
G'day Ray,
i was thinking the same thing the other day. why pay $100,000 to race Dakar with no guarentee of finishing the race when i'm sure for the same money (or less) you could find a tour operator to run a similar route at a much more relaxed pace.
i'm sure with a support vehicle you would be able to do it on enduro bikes with big tanks (15+ litres) with 2 guides and no pressure!!
would be good to do it with 8 to 10 mates. i'm not taking the Big though. i'll take my KTM

by the way, this is just a dream. i don't have the sort of cash to go tearing around south american sand dunes.
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