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Originally Posted by El Guero View Post
This guy here has the right idea. Any of the Hondas with hydraulic lifters and shaft drive are going to be about as maintenance free as you will find a motorcycle. Any of the other ideas you are having about bikes older than 20 years are a bad idea if you are looking for less work, just for the fact that older bikes have issues period.

Also, lol at the guy recommending an old Triumph
Meh, I really should have phrased the thread title better. I want a bike that is easy and enjoyable to work on, not a bike that doesn't need much maintenance. I love working on simple motorcycles, even if they have to be worked on every weekend. I hate taking off plastic, draining coolant, having to wriggle wrenches into tight spots, etc...

Anyway, thanks for the help guys. I posted on a Harley forum and got some pictures of an evo engine frame from below. I think it won't be too tough to custom fit a centerstand down there, which pretty much settles it unless I decide I hate it. One of those old Guzzi's would be even better, but they're just so rare and out of my price range.
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