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after sitting in road works for hours i had to make a judgement call looking at the map to make the most of my last few days riding in i headed for Salento for the second time in a week, know this would leave me with a few good solid days of various mountain roads for those last few days

i found a good dirt road to Salento, that i think was a coffe plantation track and as usual on a big bike rolling down the road creating a big dust clod the locals look at you in total dumfounded awe

even found a tunnel that seemed so out of place

i got into town and the Trucha (trout) festival was in full swing every room was sold out, but by chance i bumped into a guy i met earlier in the week and he asked a friend who he knew had a spare room if i could use it (for cash) so he agreed and i handed over $11...sweet

sun was starting to drop so time to walk to the main square and walk thru town to the Mirador (lookout)

the steps up were full of people heading up to see the sunset

its quite a unique location, first the sun drops and fills the valley with shades of orange

then you literally turn around and watch it drop behind the town

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