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Originally Posted by supershaft View Post
What are you going on about now? I never said anyone was an idiot. That was you. Stop putting words in my mouth but without putting words in my mouth you have nothing to go on about. It's pretty pathetic.
Now, if my tone was rude what especially is the following? Isn't that calling some people here idiots? Of course not directly ...

Originally Posted by supershaft View Post
You guys are cracking me up! Only here on the idiotnet .......Damned Human Nature Rampant on the Idiotnet!
Look if you find the word idiot in my posts. Or even the implication I may regard someone being one. If you find it I'll owe you a beer.

Originally Posted by supershaft View Post
You would be very surprised to find any of [these] info here in my posts? What you ignore in my posts and what you make up that you read in my posts is never ending. My advise is to concentrate more while you are reading and then refrain from making up rude comments.
If I ignore facts in your posts I apologise. But I think exactly this of you. Ignoring what doesn't fit your points of view.

But if yout told me numerous times why you didn't time your cam and I don't remember: can you help me and show me these posts? Of course they still are here. I don't post that much so they should be easy to find for you. Please do.

Originally Posted by supershaft View Post
Are BMW cam specs valve specs? No one here still knows for sure yet.
If for you it is still not clear, what they are, then behave accordingly. Like it was not clear. Not like your point of view was the only one worth thinking about. That's all I wanted.

Originally Posted by supershaft View Post
At least now you know what the lift check point is and that there is a difference between valve timing and cam timing with our engines and why most smart tuners stick with cam timing. Even why most timing specs regarding OHV engines that are labeled as cam specs are in fact cam specs versus valve specs. Valve specs or cam specs, at least BMW gives a lift check point with their specs so you can actually use them. Those reported variations? Are the variations the cam or the rocker arms?
Now to your lift point. Working with Schleicher cams I never cared about. In fact you didn't yourself with the 336. I did learn a bit about that from you, that is true.
I described how I check that the cam is mounted in the correct position to the crank. I don't need a check point for that.
And I didn't care for more.
So stays your final statement (in the cam thread) that the check point is needed for checking the grind:
Believing that you can check the grind of a complex profile by measuring four points seems to me to be a very optimistic approach.

Do you believe you tought me the difference between valve or cam specs ? Sorry, but that is ridiculous.

Those reported variation? What do you mean by that? The variations in the measurement data?

Now, obviously you regard my posts as destructive. I would appreciate an open discussion about these topics. But open discussion means that differing opinions will be respected, if there are no facts.
And sorry but, the only facts in this thread came from me.

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