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Thank you for taking the time to respond. I do like the simple valve check, etc, on the Guzzi. I struggle with some of the "upgrades" on a lot of today's bikes. Simple air-oil cooling with 80-100 hp is enough for me. I just need to get on one and take it for a spin. When the weather gets better, I think I will head to Moto International, in Seattle and try to get a demo. They are giving away 09's, just not sure I could get it to NTX status for a couple thousand $. Exhaust, remapping, etc. I actually read this whole thread, lots of info, took a few days though.

Scott, the '09's that MI is offering at such a killer price certainly are attractive. There are a few subtle differences and one major one. I don't think the NTX tank is a simple swap out to go on the older bike. You should get some owners to comment on the range of those machines. On the more subtle side, the rear rim is wider on the '09 so your tire options are not as good as the NTX, which comes with a 150 size rear tire. The NTX has a HUGE oil cooler, easy enough to install on the older bike. From reading this thread I gather that the heated grip control won't allow you to make changes on the move whereas I know the NTX will. If you did go with an '09 you could pick and choose stuff like the crash bars, aux lights, and bags. I'm happy with what came on my bike but not everyone is...picking your own farkles puts you in charge.

I missed ST Madness last year, rode out to CA in '11 and had a great time with the Ducati group. They are all getting older, thank goodness I'm not!
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