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Originally Posted by papalobster View Post
Boomer, you could have a fine scotch collection as well if you didn't feel the need to finish the bottle once opened.
Booze, like wine, starts losing the intended flavors once opened. Called oxidation. check it out.
I had a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue for a year. The current Double Wood has been in my cabinet for two months and is less than half gone dunno what you're getting at. If we never finished a bottle once opened, why bother having it?

Originally Posted by papalobster View Post
Maybe we can send boomer to the U.P. for the night so he doesn't just dump it all into his head
hmm. you never seem to have a problem pouring MY booze into YOUR head

And again I would not partake of a scotch, tequila, whiskey or any other buffet. But I would gladly share and sample back at camp, or someone else's camp.

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