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Originally Posted by bwalsh View Post
Good for you! But I'd say you're the only person on this thread with a tire balancer.
For people like me who change their own tires and don't own a balancer, and have no need to since using Dyna Beads, they are a lot cheaper than taking the tire/rim or the whole bike to a place that will charge, what I consider a healthy fee to change and or balance them. I also don't have to buy and fool with lead weights.

I run tube tires. After the two minutes it took to put the beads in the tubes on the first set of tires I changed out, I have never have to balance any of other five pairs of tires in 30,000 miles. I don't change tubes until they are toast.
Bottom line for me is...they work! For an initial up front cost of 10-20 bucks, I'll keep using them until they stop making them.

Another thing, I've only been riding four years and had never heard of the paint dot on a tire until about a month ago so of course all my tire changes didn't line this dot up where it is supposed to go....Still no vibration! Even more of an endorsement for Dyna Beads. Next tire change I may have to try this dot thing out.

Where is the dot supposed to be again? Across from the air valve?
That's the light spot. Valve goes to the dot if there is one. You'd be surprised how good tires can be now. I've mounted many that didn't really need any weights.

I lucked out on the balancer, picked it up at a swap meet years ago for fifty bucks. But there are balance arbors out there that are really inexpensive, and It's not difficult at all to balance with one of those. Try Harbor Freight.
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