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Originally Posted by twinrider View Post
I'm not sure what exactly caused them to die because I was never told what they replaced when I sent them in for repair.
I emailed you what was replaced on the lights. An led cluster on one and a driver board on another.

Originally Posted by twinrider View Post
The leds are wired in parallel, so if one stops working they all go out.
I think you meant to say series? The design has changed, the leds are in parallel now.

Originally Posted by twinrider View Post
Others might have better luck with them, but based on my experience I've decided to stick with well known name brand led lights, which surprisingly turned out to be in the same ballpark price-wise and are backed by solid warranties. In addition to the aforementioned Piaas, Rigid Industry Duallys sell for $190 a pair with a wiring harness,
The lights JimVonBaden bought where $108 for a pair, not really in the same price range as the other lights.

Originally Posted by JimVonBaden View Post
What happened to them? I have a set I just mounted, and am now a bit concerned.
The lights you purchased and all of our current designs are of a much improved design than our older 24 watt lights (what twinrider had). The lights are backed up by our 1 year warranty.
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