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Where we riding to?
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Originally Posted by displacedScot View Post
That is great to know thanks. Its the long journeys I'm interested in and am I quite willing to give up the sportsbike characteristics of the Multi.

I started my search with google and started to notice that the word underpowered was showing up in a few forums. As you say, more than likely people who have never ridden the bike. This progressed to typing in "underpowered Tenere 1200" into google against my better judgement. The interweb is an evil place at times

I realise that it can only come down to my decision and a test ride is definately going to be on the cards. Its mainly the "having it there when needed" feeling of power delivery I was concerned about.
Thanks for all opinions so far
I used to hear this a lot about my Honda CBF1000 as well. It's boring, it's slow. Honda took the 170+ HP motor out of the CBR and detuned it to under a 100 in the CBF. It sure was linear and if you're used to 2 strokes or small displacement super sports that require high revving then yes you may "see" it as boring, but that was one of the best "riding" motors I've ever had in a bike. Endless instant torque and for twisty's you simply pick a gear and roll on roll off and enjoy the ride. Sure you could bounce it off the rev limiter and work up and down through the gears but it wasn't any better. I never rode two up, wife rides her own bike, a Street Triple R and she's one of the ones who called the CBF boring. But for two up I can't imagine a better type of motor. As I said, pick a gear and roll on roll off, you can be very smooth. Good luck on your search.
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