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Originally Posted by Prior View Post
This has been a great thread to read and certainly has my interest in the NTX.

For my understanding- can you put the 5.5" rear rim on the NTX or are you stuck with the 4.5"? Really interested in the bike, but would like the ability to run wide streetbike tires like I do on my Uly, but also switch over to narrower dual sport tires on the narrower rim for more offroad. Is this a possibility?

Of course you can put the 5.5 rear on the NTX!

Hell! The NTX wears the narrower rear wheel because everyone who wanted to take thier bike off pavement asked for it. Demanded it! Guzzi answered the call and equipped the bike with the 150 section rear tire because so many tires are available in that size!

Yes, there are people out there who have both and switch back and forth.
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