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Originally Posted by RyanR View Post
Other than taking the cover off to check valve clearances, changing the oil, cleaning my air filter and generally keeping things lubed up I haven't done anything to my CRF250x. Hell it's still plugged up with the emission crap on it. And I'm over 11,000 miles on mine with nary an issue. And that's on a motor that eats valves every 20 hours according to the collective wisdom of the internet. much power does that bike make in bone stock condition? I might be able to live with that compared to what my KLX250S came with.

There's no right or wrong to this thread except to say that there's no truth to the blanket statement that modding always makes a bike less reliable. As always...exceptions, exceptions, exceptions. Some are scared to mod their bikes, some are fiscally unwilling to mod their bikes, some bikes don't necessarily need to be modded, and some get the same satisfaction out of modding their bikes as they do riding them. None of those positions are necessarily absolutely right or wrong. If they were, we'd all probably be riding the same brand and type of bike. What are the odds of that happening?
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