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Just got back from the future! in 2086 the Tenere is still Adventure Touring Bike of the year!

if anyone needs an LED indicator for the X50 radar detector... the LEDs listed in the ebay ad work like a champ. Just wire them up in parallel with each other and no resistor required. Then connect them to a 3.5mm mono plug. you can mount then in anything you like... wood, I used aluminum and drilled it out and stuck them into it. Be sure to pain it black first. If it is shiny aluminum it will reflect sunlight and make it harder to see the LEDs.

Also stuck on a auxiliary LED light on front. cheap set for $110. they are incredibly bright but the light pattern is round, so a lot of light is wasted. I will post a video later so you can see how bright they are compared to stock lighting. Another thing to consider is to wire them to the high beam. I put a SPDT switch to control the lights. I can turn them on with the switch, off, or link them to the high beams. I wired a relay to the high beam light. That way I can just kill the high beam and turn them off too. Great for when riding roads with the occasional car. I had to build a mount for it. The mount is just a piece of aluminum bent at 90 degrees. The lights themselves are very nice. they are adjustable and can be aimed up and down. I am thrilled with them.
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