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Originally Posted by globalklr650 View Post
Thanks wannadv our trip is alot about learning about ourselves as well as the world.

We are in San Felipe and want to ride south back to highway one. We are camping here for free in the dunes in an abandoned resort. Its amazing. Today we had a nice walk in town. Its hard to see all the people trying to sell to tourists. A 8 year old girl came over to our table where we were drinking coffee and tring to charge our phones. She had a box full of stuff she was trying to sell us. It is so sad to see this little girl try to make money instead of learning and having fun.

Does anyone know the condition of the dirt road the goes south from San Felipe and back the highway one??? Some people say its ok and others say its rough and a hurricane washed it out. Can an overloaded KLR650 with 2 people make it. We want to try it and turn back if its too bad but is a long way around the mountains and back to the one the other way.
It's probably too late.But a friend of mine has a place in Gonzaga Bay (about 150 miles south of San Felipe).He invited me to come down next month.He told me it is good paved road now.Last time I was there,it was a rough dirt road (2001).

Another thing you should be aware of traveling south.Do not leave things on your bike when you are away from it.There are people waiting to steal anything that can be unclipped or cut loose quickly.You may be lucky for thousands of miles and then get ripped off,and lose important papers,cameras,or credit cards.If you read ride reports,you will find a high percentage of riders have had things stolen off their bikes.Guess how I know this?

You know you are going to get a lot of shakedowns from the police don't you?Many of the police are looking to make some extra money.I don't think they are paid very well.I never paid a bribe.Sometimes I had to wait an hour in the hot sun before they gave my papers back and said "Go".One very insistant cop demanding $200 for speeding.I wasn't and he had no radar.I told him all my speeds were recorded in my GPS.If he wanted me to pay a fine,he was going to have to take me to the police station.I won't pay on the spot.He also, finally said "Go".

When you cross borders in Central America there are many "Helpers" waiting to get into your wallet.They will help you because you are new and confused about what the process is.You do not need them.Honduras was the worst for me.These helpers may also work with the police or border officials.

Good luck
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