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I never said its bad to ride a nice big bike, and I have had them, I have a problem with people thinking they NEED a big bike to do anything on.
Over and over I hear people say an 883 is too small to take on the hiway, or you need 80+ hp just to be safe riding, or a bike is a joke because it only has 40 hp and so on.

I am not very interested in reading about someone riding cross country on the latest BMW or big Harley, gold wing, etc, it happens every day. But when someone gets an old/small bike for $50.00 and does it, its interesting to me.

Take one of the big bikes in the dirt, and its interesting, slab on a little bike and its interesting, get a very old bike and do anything with it and its interesting.

Tour on your gold wing, it might be nice, but its not really interesting unless its in the dirt.
I DO find it interesting when someone takes any big heavy bike in the rough dirt, the story often includes nice X rays of broken bones and details about spot operation, helicopters, etc.

Lets face it, you get almost no respect if you ride a small bike in the US.
So I tend to buck the trend and give little respect to people who ride big bikes on the street.
If all it takes is a bunch of money, I tend to not respect the thing, whatever it is.
Not that I dislike it, or think its wrong, I just do not respect it.

If someone goes out and BUYS a fast car, thats fine, if someone BUILDS a fast car, that gets my respect.
I know I am odd, and not like the others....
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