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Originally Posted by retiredgentleman View Post
I have to disagree with your comments on the XS650 charging system. Yes, you need to replace the stock rectifier and the stock regulator, but new replacement parts are inexpensive. I bought new rectifier parts for $15.00, and a NOS automotive regulator (VR-115) for $20.00. My bike starts to charge at around 1500 rpm, and puts out 14.2 volts all day long on the highway. Its normal for these bikes to not charge the battery at idle of 1200 rpm.
You are correct, the rectifier and regulator are cheap and easy to replace.

I guess I was unfortunate enough to buy a bike with a shot stator and rotor. The stator was about $120 and the rotor was about $100. I also have a new solid state regulator and rectifier. My bike only reads 12v under 1,500 rpm, and charges about 13v from 1,500 to 2,500 rpm. I dont get 14v charging until 2,500+ rpms. I agree, it is 'normal' for these bikes to not charge at idle.

The xs650 is an awesome bike. You just cant sit in stop and go traffic with your lights on or any electrical accessories running...
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