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Originally Posted by gstt500 View Post
Congrats from a fellow Duluthian on your new DL650, I haven't seen too many 2012's running around here yet. I bought mine last March and have put about 5k miles on it so far, did a few 1k trips last summer fully loaded with camping gear and it handled it just fine.
I went with the standard model also and put my own racks and panniers on. Its still wide but not as much so as with the factory set up.
I can't complain too much about the "Deathwings" I have put a lot of gravel road miles on and had it off road a bit, mostly dry stuff though and the only time I've noticed any handling problems was on loose gravel fully loaded. I think when the OE's wear out I'll try something else, Shinko 705's or Heidi K60's
Thanks gstt500. Probably see you around this summer, bike night at Sir Ben's? Was working with a fellow motor bike enthusiast last night and we were trying to find front pictures of an example of the SW motech nerf bars on the 2012. I was comparing them against the Happy Trails bars and the Happy Trails appeared to stick out from the bike several more inches. Not sure what to make of them, other than they are considerably cheaper. I'm with you on the OE tires. Probably break the bike in and spend money on farkling before tires. I would imagine re-shoeing would be around $400-500 American.
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