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I have a question for you. Last spring I cracked/broke/mangled the multi-function display on my WR. It still functioned except for the back light so I just left it and used it as is. I couldn't read it at night but that wasn't a big deal to me. Now in the dampness of winter it's finally quit displaying anything. All the leds still work but the display is kaputski. So my question(s). Should I replace it with a stock display or go with a Trail tech or Vapor tech display? What are the advantages/disadvantages of either? Will a new display show the correct mileage or will it start from 0? If 0 is there a way to program in the mileage? Is there a way to read this info from the broken display?

That's enough for now
You can program the mileage in when you get a vapor. You will also end up with a more accurate mileage count (eventually) and a more accurate speedometer (it is set based on tire size and within .5 mph of gps on my bike). As an added bonus, sprocket changes will not affect the accuracy of your speedometer since the vapor tachs read speed off the front wheels rotation. The stock one as you know will end up off unless you use a speedohealer to calibrate when you do sprocket changes.

Thing is, I have heard things about the WR not starting if the stock cluster is removed. See:

Im not sure, but if you need to have the stock cluster, I wouldnt even waste time with a vapor unit.
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