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I had a long ride yesterday, some 600kms along the Peruvian Coast. Starkly beautiful. Empty, miles and miles and miles of nothing but sand rock and mountains. Good Pavement. Crazy buses. Had three of them force me off the road yesterday, all opposite direct buses that pass even though you are coming at them. I stopped in Ancon, just short of Lima last night, just after dark. I found a place in a hostal at the side of the main road after looking in couple little towns and not being able to find a place with secure parking. It was 25 Peruvian Soles or about $10.

I got up early, as always and rode into Lima. Decidedly NOT for the timid. What a crazy city. It is huge. It took me two hours to get from the outskirts into Miraflores, the tourist district. Cab drivers are crazy. They won't give you your right of way, they just pull out in front of you. They don't care. I drive like I'm going to slam right into them and at the last second they back off and you squeeze through. I made some video but I'm afraid to look at it. haha Actually its quite long and would require a lot of editing to post. Maybe when I have more time.

Bryce was hit broadside by a car yesterday. Hit him in the Panniers. Knocked him down but he's alright. Broke his luggage rack, but the rack saved him. Firiggen lucky! He's already had the required welding done and is on his way again.

I have had my headlight aimed too high since I left home. Got that fixed today! Yay! Got my tires, I bought in Cali, installed too at MotoPerformance Plus Peru. Ricardo and Johnny are awesome. They treated me like Gold. They told me a long distance guy from Oregon was in their shop yesterday. I asked, "Big Guy with a Beard?" Yup! Bryce! I know that guy! About 5 minutes after I got there two more Adventure bikes from Colombia showed up. I went to breakfast at the Market with one of those guys, had rice, chicken and some kind of huge beans and coffee for 6 soles. What a deal. It was good! While I eating I hear someone yell, Dwight! It was Bryce. He had dropped back into the shop and came to the market looking for me. He's off to Nazca today. I'll probably catch him again in Cusco.

I have lots of picture to post later....


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