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Originally Posted by crankshaft View Post
I'm using stage times, speed factors and bike HP to make my prediction. What do I know though, I've only done Sandblast 6x
Dan is coming off an injury, Bruno did pretty good but it was a small field last year. Ken should be in the top ten, no question. Jason has the talent but is on a beast of a machine, so not likely. Dave is a wild card.......

I'll be on my hopped up 690 with 70hp but I'll be doing testing for MX, so I'll have my rally stuff mounted, including rally tanks. My plan is to have fun and let all you heavy hitters chase the rabbit. Last year on the SE, I just rode for fun and had a great time. Didn't even look at stage times until the awards ceremony. It is what it is!
Six times. That's all of them right? I trust your knowledge of this venue and all the associated factors. .

I appreciate your modesty. Running for fun does not equal taking it easy from what I've seen. I look forward to seeing your micro-squirted MX1K rig.

Also, I'd like to reserve the heavy hitter monicker until I have 6 seasons under my belt. I still have to go to the new racer orientation after all
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