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Language of January Winds. Texas

This time around a physical and mental wintery time is setting in. Yet, lucky for us the weather is not near anything as abrupt and severe as the Northern spaces. With heated gear and an electric blanket for Spirit we can still move around. We also have Terlingua which I would almost say is “a town that never sleeps” as there is always something going on. “Farmers Market” on Saturdays, much Music on the Porch on Sundays, we stop by, we chat, we feel it all and then on back here to “The Oasis” trying to sort what I call some “stuff” and “things” out before Spring shows up. The snow is also long gone, the mud is still here more than ever this time around from also much rain, I feel a bit as I am vegetating and spinning my wheels. The shadows of a January of 9 Years ago is dropping by weighing over the present moments as I do not try to escape it but putting in much efforts to have smoother times. They are a bit of “flat times” pushing myself to stay busy, busier keeping my mind off the past, thinking about the good times trying to leave the dark ones tucked away as yet words of wisdom confront me, sometimes they are just a bit harder to comprehend and put to good use.
Enjoy the Terlingua Music and one more Snow ride.

Be well, always.

Ara and Spirit

7th Year, the Stars, living under them…
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