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Originally Posted by husqzilla View Post
How about some pix of the stickered 9er?
From this:

To this:

And on to this:

I have more to do to finish the paint, like wet sanding and such, but it's too cold for now. I took my wife to Home Depot and told her to pick out a color and this is what she chose. I took the old stickers and shitty paint off and laid on some primer. After sanding and smoothing it out (which included removing some runs) I sprayed on many very thin coats of color until it was uniform and complete. Then it was many coats of matte clear to build up a thick layer. Now I just have to wet sand everything smooth because of the heavy orange peel and spray on a final coat of matte clear if the 6 micron paper doesn't leave a uniform frosty finish. I would like to say I would get a HVLP gun if/when this happens again, but I'll probably do the same thing. At $4/can I have under $40 in the primer, paint, and clear.

The PO painted the gauge buckets black without prepping the chrome so it was flaking off. I figured I'd glass bead it off and paint it up again. This was a good idea poorly executed, resulting in this:

A little bit would have been great and I would have left it a frosted chrome look. I guess I either sprayed too much, too long, too close, or all of the above and it looks like the copper stretched from the peening and separated from the plastic. I had to peel it all off and now have to prime and paint it too.

I think I'm going to order those hand guards. They look sweet.

I'm looking for a stock rear fender/plate mount/plate light/blinker mount if anyone has one lying around collecting dust. I have the resources at work to make an aluminum or stainless undertail to mount everything, but I don't have the drive right now and am just trying to focus on getting it road ready for the spring.

I'm all ears if anyone has history on the bike. It came from the Clinton, Lebanon, Round Valley area area of NJ. Feel free to PM me.
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