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Originally Posted by djb_rh View Post
I hit a deer with an ARB bull bar. Broke the lens of the hazard light, but nothing else. Had a LOT of fur on the bar above the hazard light, though, so I think there's a chance there might have been body damage to the fender had I NOT had that bar (and the "exclusive" doesn't).

Otherwise? That "exclusive" bumper looks pretty good to me. Not going to be quite as strong if you "drop" the corner of that bumper on a rock, but if you don't do that much big rock crawling, that's not a big deal. I do like the idea of lower weight if it's not weight you need...

My current front bumper is clipped so it only extends a minimal amount past the frame. It maybe adds 1/2-1/4" to the overhang which I really like. Deer wouldn't be a problem with the height of the Jeep and the winch up front though. I go back and forth with wanting the ARB even though I don't really need it. I like the streamline look of the bumper though. I used to have a big and I mean big bull bar back in the 90's. I didn't like the weight and the overhang which is why I modified the stock bumper.
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