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How to configure and set up your Peaklife GPS

This is actually a repost.

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What distinguishes a motorcycle GPS unit from an automotive unit is they have a waterproof and shock proof case unlike a more fragile automotive unit. Motorcycle units also have the ability to provide voice prompts over a wireless blue tooth connection to a helmet head set and usually include mounting hardware and power supplies for both a car and motorcycle. Usually their touch screens are also optimized to work well with a gloved hand even in the rain. Perhaps because of the much more limited market for motorcycle GPS units, and additional features they require, they are much less widely available and usually 2-3x more expensive than basic automotive GPS units.
The Peaklife Motorcycle GPS unit is unique among motorcycle GPS units in that it sells at a price similar to entry level, brand name, automotive units. It's also an open system that comes with Windows CE (light weight version of windows for phones and hand held devices) but no GPS software or maps. While the open nature of the unit does not restrict what kinds of software or maps can be installed or what features can be enabled, it does require some basic computer skills (eg. knowledge of file explorer, file torrents, zip files, mounting external file systems to your computer and transferring files to them via USB) from the user to initially set up and configure. It will typically take users 1-2 hours to initially configure the unit before they can use it. In short if you like messing around on your computer you'll love this unit but if you don't you will probably be more satisfied with a more expensive, but pre configured motorcycle unit from Garmin or TomTom.
The following document attempts to guide the reader through the process of obtaining the correct software and recent maps as well as installing and configuring the unit.

Powering Up

Chances are when you first unpack the unit the internal battery will be dead and you will need to fully charge it. The USB cable included with the unit for connection to your computer will not charge it. You either need to charge it from a separately purchased USB charger, many cell phones use one, or connect the 12v motorcycle power supply and charge it that way, or leave it in your car overnight plugged into the cigarette lighter adapter. Note not all cars supply power to the cigarette lighter while the key is removed from the ignition so you will need to verify this. There is a blue light on the cigarette lighter adapter that will allow you confirm it is getting power. However you choose to charge the unit you will need to fully charge it before progressing to installing the software.

Obtaining Software

The best place to obtain software for the unit is a torrent site like You will need to download and install a torrent download client like uTorrent first if you do not already have one installed on your computer. You will also need a RAR file program such as WinRAR to decompress the downloaded RAR files. RAR files are like ZIP files in that they compress a huge directory structure and all it's files into a single file for downloading.
Tips for downloading WinRAR and uTorrent software: Avoid, if possible, installing any additional spamware like search bars that often come packaged within freeware install programs. If you cannot avoid installing you can later remove them using your computer's control panel. Just select add/remove programs within the program to later remove spam ware.
download WinRAR Software
download uTorrent Software
Downloading Primo application software and maps Tune your browser to a torrent site like,. On the site search for “Primo or iGo” for the GPS application software and look for the latest version. You need the Windows CE version. Sometimes they are labeled as Windows Ce and other times just alternate operating system. There are different versions for Android and other operating systems so be sure to select the correct version and read the download notes before downloading. Search for "Navteq " for the maps.

NOTE – on the pirate bay website DO NOT click on the big download buttons. These are for an advertiser (scam) and will have you downloading junk. Instead click on the small link to the left that says download torrent magnet file. A torrent magnet file tells your torrent client program how to download the selected software. Downloading the torrent magnet file will usually launch your torrent program otherwise save it to your desktop and later open it with your torrent program. Suggested torrents are (note these may change in future):
Primo version magnet torrent file
Navteq maps for North America

Software Installation

Extract the software and maps from the RAR files downloaded earlier to your desktop.
Create a directory called GPS on your desktop or elsewhere. Under this create a directory called MAP_DATA.
Under MAP_DATA create directories called MAP, POI and BUILDING. Copy the map files from the expanded Navtec maps you downloaded earlier, into the MAP directory. The point of interest files into the POI directory and the building files into the BUILDING directory. Note, not all map data contains building info. Your GPS will work fine without this but will not show the buildings in 3D without it. If your downloaded map data does not have building info, also download an older version of Navteq maps and use the building info files from this along with your most recent maps.
HINT (Shortcuts in file explorer to copy): In file explorer CTRL-A selects all files in a directory. CTRL-C selects alls selected files for copying. SHIFT-INS pastes all files previosly selected with CTRL-C into the new directory.
Next copy all the files in the application package into the same GPS directory. One of these directories should be called Primo. Be sure all the data under Primo is also copied in the same structure it was downloaded in. If there are folders under Primo->Content named Map, POI or Building delete these or they will cause problems.
The file sys.txt located in the application directory (Primo) is used to set the program's initial defaults. You need to edit this. Delete any entries under the [files] section or just comment them out by placing a “;” semi colin in front of them. Comments are proceeded by a semi colin and will not be read by the program. Paste the following under the [folders] heading. You should only have one [folders] heading in this file.


This tells the program where to look for the map, poi and buildings directories. Since these take up a lot of memory and there is only so much on the SIMM card and resident flash memory, it is best to split the program and map data so the program is installed on the SIMM card, and the map data is installed on the resident flash memory.
When you plug in the GPS unit to your computer via the included power cable, be sure to turn on the unit before doing this, two new drives should show up under MyComputer in file explorer. The first drive is the resident flash in the unit and the second drive is the SIMM card in the unit.
Copy the Primo folder under GPS to the resident flash memory (first drive). Copy the MAP_DATA folder to the SIMM card (second drive). Unplug the unit. The windows CE default screen should be displayed. Select SETTINGS. Scroll to the right by touching the right arrow and select NaviPath. This is where you get to tell the unit where the Primo software is installed. Touch the magnifying glass and select ResidentFlash. This should show the directories under it. Select Primo and then Primo.exe. Do not select Navigation Auto Run at power on for now. Once you have confirmed the unit is functioning OK you can later go back and select this. This option will power up the GPS software when the unit is turned on. Without it you will need to manually select the GPS option under the Windows Ce menu to start up Primo. So start up primo and see if it runs. Best to do this out doors if you cannot get a GPS signal.
If you get an error like missing map data you typed something wrong in the sys.txt file and will need to correct it. Be sure the entries in the sys.txt file match the directories you created on the unit.

Resident Flash Memory and SIMM Card Directories
The ResidentFlash directory exists on the GPS device by default and does not have to be created. The ResidentFlash directory name is only visible when viewed on the device. On a PC it will simply appear as a drive letter. The SDMMC directory (SIMM card) is the same. It will only be visible on the device and on the PC will simply appear as a drive letter.

-> Primo
-> -> Content
-> -> -> Car
-> -> -> Global_cfg
-> -> -> Lang
-> -> -> Scheme
-> -> -> SpeedCam
-> -> -> Tmc
-> -> -> Voice
-> -> -> vr_vde
-> -> License
-> -> vocon
-> -> branding
-> -> Data
-> Manuals
-> Skins
-> TTS Voices

SIMM Card Memory directories
-> -> MAP
-> -> POI

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