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Originally Posted by realmc View Post
I am doing a 2 week or so loop in Laos from mid May. Conditions will be around 33dg Celsius 80% humidity and monsoon rain for an hour or three per day on average

My current riding gear is street orientated. I have a textile danese jacket with average ventilation(4 zips) but good protection.
I have a full faced helmet and Daytona travel star GTX Goretex boots.

looking at a 250cc.

I have limited off road experience so will probably stick to roads and dirt tracks and will not be hammering it.
I have ridden scooters in Bali, vietnam, thailand so used to asian road rules or lack there of.

Have done some searches and it seems pressure suits are popular.

If I am going to have to buy gear would prefer something i can use again. I may not get much use out of a pressure suite but a ventilated, mesh jacket with armour seems a likely option.

As for pants any recomendations, again with protection and airflow in mind?

I'm happy with my goretex boots as they are great to walk in but not as much protection as Mx boots.

Im using a Giant Loop great basin bag.

Any input appreciated,


Fully vented mesh, light hiking boots, thin leather gloves. I rode around Pakistan, Iran, Thailand etc. in the warm season and anyhting less than fully vented will leave you cooking the moment you stop moving.
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