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Originally Posted by Lost Rider View Post
Interesting point of view, seems like you can't understand why someone else would want to ride something different than yourself. Anytime you start generalizing such large groups of types of riders into "they" it can seem a little narrow-minded.

I believe that why there's different bikes for different needs, while I'm all about traveling on small bikes nowadays, there's something very nice about riding long days on a smooth powerful bike too, especially with your girl on back and stuff to make the trip very comfortable when going through different climates on one ride. Easy is nice sometimes.
There's no single bike that's perfect for all the various types of riding found here on ADVrider and to think that people have big bikes because of ego is a little shortsighted IMO. Stereo types are easy and sometimes funny, but there's no group of riders that doesn't have their own stereo types, from little bikes like in here to BMW, HD's and Goldwings. Posting up with inevitably insult someone and kind of pointless in a thread to share ideas about being minimal.
Ever think that maybe that guy you see with a big fancy gadget filled bike is actually a fellow who's traveled the world on a little bike many years ago and now wants comfort cause his back can't take it? Or the guy on the chromed out shiny 1000 pound trike with American flags flying maybe is a disabled veteran who can't ride on two wheels anymore?

Real bikers because it's "harder" to travel on a small bike? That sounds like ego boosting to me since you choose to go what you believe is the "harder" route, though more often that not in our case the little bike is much easier where we like to ride. I have a much respect for those folks going RTW on little bikes, but the reality is they are probably better suited for that anyways, being very efficient, simple to work on, parts availability, inconspicuous, etc.

Different tools for the job at hand, anyone who wants to throw a leg over any bike and travel is OK by me, even the dude with the whole touratech catalog bolted to their bike. Sure there's guys who take big loaded DS bikes in places that would be better suited on a little bike, BTDT, to each their own and if they are having fun it's still better than sitting at home on your ass watching reality TV like most people.

I get this is the Minimalist Touring Thread and hope to contribute in a positive manner, just don't pat yourself on the back too much while putting down what other people choose to do on two wheels. Go read the OP at the start of this thread, it's not about talking shit about what others are doing...
It's all about having fun, sharing ideas and getting Lost.

I'm looking forward to more traveling on the little bike minimal style, and also other types of riding too...

Beautiful pictures
You make some very valid points......I've been riding 37 years, started out on small dirt AND street bikes, because I had to buy my own and that was all I could afford. Through the years I've ridden pretty much everything, and still enjoy riding all sizes of you mentioned, they all have their purpose

In the U.S. though, it does seem that bigger than the other guys HAS to make you the better man somehow......the main reason small cc bikes sell so poorly here, the worst in the world in fact. I like the rush of big acceleration, which takes big size and power, but I also enjoy getting out into nature on a small, light bike that can take me to the places I want to go without killing I'm in the process of finding another small, light bike to get me back out there

I plan on following this thread to get any and all info I can.....and it looks like there's plenty to get
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